Patti and Alfred’s Winter Wedding at Old St. Mary’s

“We have been a couple since before either of us was of a legal drinking age.  We met at the recreation center of our college.”

Eleven years later, the couple, who scored higher than anyone EVER for knowing the other best in their marriage preparation class, sealed the deal.  This self-described quiet, introverted couple, said their vows in an intimate winter ceremony  in front of their immediate family and very close friends.

In an e-mail to me before their wedding, Patti wrote, “we really just enjoy each other’s company.” I could see this from our first meeting.  They laugh easy, and seem utterly comfortable with each other. It was a joy to see them marry and celebrate at their reception afterwards.

I have to give the couple props (especially Patti-you’ll see why in the pictures) for bearing the cold during their portrait session.  They were troopers!  Thankfully, their reception was quite cozy at the Keith House also known as the Prairie Avenue Gallery.  In this beautiful building in one of Chicago’s historical districts, they shared in laughs, cheers, dancing, and even a little karaoke!  Congrats Patti and Alfred.  All the best to you both!

I’d like to give a big shout out to the following vendors:
Cake: Amy Beck’s Cake Designs.

Caterer: Maison

Florist: Flowers-Flowers.

Venue: Prairie Avenue Gallery – Keith House

Black Hearts Hair House- 773.525.4344

Makeup Artist: Esther

Bride’s Dresses:

Ceremony Dress – Allure Bridal

Reception Dress – David’s Bridal

Bride’s Maids Dresses-David’s Bridal

Tuxes: Formally Modern Tuxedo

It was a hot affair…literally, but tons of fun!

Come rain or high water, nothing could keep Lisa and Rob from  walking down the aisle and having an amazing party afterwards. Nearly seven inches of rain fell in the early morning hours of their wedding day. The downpour flooded the interstate and cut power, creating obstacle after obstacle for the couple.
How did they handle it?  With an amazing sense of humor and unwavering optimism.  They kept a smile even after learning their reception hall, the 19th Century Club in Oak Park, was operating on a single generator and would not be able to run the air conditioner – clearly the time to call specialists from HVAC repair from  At one point in the night, Rob said, “Well, it makes for a memorable story and interesting pictures.”
Gotta love their attitude!
Guests were all in good cheer, slurping down ice cream before it melted and dancing till they sweat…well…ok, maybe they were already “glistening,” but everyone still cut a run. It just goes to show how good energy is contagious! Thanks Lisa and Rob for bringing it, and of course, the fantastic Steve Koo, whom I photographed alongside for this wedding!

Bride looks up at wedding dress while getting ready

Wedding Rings

Groom looks out window into sanctuary after the ceremony has supposed to start
Father-of-the-bride and bride prepare to procede down aisle

Bride and Father of the bride walk down the aisle

Flower girl looks around during the wedding ceremony

Bride smiles during the ceremony at husband

Bride hugs man

Bride smiles alongside groom after they were just married

groom checks iphone after ceremony

Detail of brides dress

Bride holds veil so it won't blow away while crossing street
Waitress' open windows at the 19th century club in oak park
Table place card detail
table setting at reception at the 19th century club in oak park guest escape heat of reception outside on patio of the 19th century club Little boy looks at brides flowers cute Couple feeds baby ice cream at reception at the 19th century club in oak park Guest use photo booth during reception at the 19th century club in oak park Bride and grooms first dance at the 19th century club Groom dances with grand-daughter during reception at the 19th century club in oak park Guest and bride dance at reception 19th century club in oak park Guest and bride dance at reception at the 19th century club in oak park
guest dance at reception at the 19th century club in oak park Little girl cools off by fan

Alexis and Pat’s wedding at Wilder Mansion

Alexis and Pat’s wedding was infused with a sense of humor-from mustaches on a stick, to a photo booth with props like eye-patches, those sunglasses Kayne West made famous, and signs reading “kiss me, I’m Irish” and “We’re next!”

I had a great time photographing with Steve Koo again at Wilder Mansion. The dance floor during the reception was rocking, there was even some hype from Steve about “the worm,” but that move postponed…I’ll make sure to catch it on camera if it ever does occur 🙂