black and white baby photo by Maggie Rife Ponce.
Chicago family photography by Rife Ponce Photography.
Ron Magers, Black & White by Rife Ponce Photography.
Chicago Wedding Photography by Maggie Rife Ponce.
Newborn Family Photos.
Interior Design Photography.
Family Photo shoot in Chicago.
Wedding Photography - University Club.
Chef Michael Ponzio - Portrait Photography.
Chicago Weddings & Family Photography.
Maggie Rife Ponce Interior Design Photographer.
Chicago Portrait Photographer, Rife Ponce Photography.
Sibling Family Photos in Chicago.
Family Photography & Wedding Photos by Rife Ponce Photographer.

Professional Photographer

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Want professional, wedding, portrait, or family photos you’ll love for years to come? 

I can’t wait to take them for you! Use the link below to schedule a quick (I know you’re busy), stress-free phone call below. We can chat about what you’re looking for and talk through any questions you might have.

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Hi! I’m Maggie, a professional photographer, with a love for storytelling photos.

I’m all about capturing photos that make you feel alive. The real. The lovely. The fleeting.

My style of photography comes from my background in photojournalism and appreciation for art and craft. In short, I want to show the real AND the pretty. This could mean a genuine moment caught in nature or curated photoshoot to showcase the person behind a brand.

When I’m not snapping pics, you might catch me dancing with my son, practicing a handstand, or exploring a new neighborhood in the city. Thanks for visiting my site! You can learn more about me, Maggie Rife Ponce or contact me. I’d love to hear from you!