Family photography, for those moments you want to relive again and again…

Sibling Family Photos in Chicago.
Family Photo shoot in Chicago.
Newborn Family Photos.
Happy Family Photography Near Me.
Baby & Dad Photography, Chicago.
Sibling Photography with Family, Chicago.

Real-life isn’t a perfectly posed portrait. It’s movement. Play. Emotion.

Capture the essence of your family with storytelling photos that are also frame-worthy.

Whether you’re local to Chicago or from a neighboring suburb, I’d love to document your family. Scroll down to learn more about my sessions, style, and see lots more photos.

Simple photography sessions, with just the right ingredients.

Family Photo Sessions Include:

-a phone or email consultation

-style and prep guidance

-online gallery within 10 days 

-print-ready digital files

2021 Family Photography Pricing Guide
Newborn Photography Pricing

Studio Newborn & Family – $799

+ 2 hours with props & posing
+Digital files
+$100 print credit
Sample Gallery

Studio Newborn - $699

+One hour with baby only
+Digital files
+$50 print credit
Sample Gallery

In Home Newborn- $699

+One hour candid and natural
+Digital files
+$50 print credit
Sample Gallery
Family Photography Pricing

Studio – $649

+One hour
+Digital files
+$50 print credit
Sample Gallery

Outdoor - $699 

+One hour
+Digital files
+$50 print credit
Sample Gallery

Mini - $499 

+ 30 minutes
+Digital files
+ $25 print credit
Sample Gallery
Additional Information for Chicago Family Photography and Surrounding Suburbs:
  • Sessions outside of Chicago are subject to a $200 travel charge.
  • Mini sessions are only available on weekdays.
  • One-hour sessions are $100 off on weekdays (Monday-Thursday) May-Nov.

Wondering what should you expect during a family photoshoot? Read answers on my FAQs page. Have more questions or want to chat about booking your own session?  I’d love to connect!  You can schedule a quick phone call here.

Turn your images into cherished keepsakes and beautiful wall art for your home. I offer a wide selection of products from loose prints to framed prints. Below are a few of my most popular items.


Bundle of Snapshot Prints - $200

25 polaroid style snapshot prints, perfect for gifts or keepsakes.

Wooden Box w/ Prints - $100

Matted, fine-art prints nestled inside a handcrafted walnut box. A beautiful, unique presentation.

Gallery Wall - $1,100

• (2) 16x20 frames with 11x14 mat openings
• (2) 11x14 frames with 8x10 mat openings
• (4) 8x10 frames with 5x7 mat openings

Gallery Wall - $800

Frames included:
(2) 20x24 frames with 16x20 mats
(1) 24x24 frame with 20x20 mat

8 x 10" coffee table book - prices vary

20-page, softcover, lay-flat book.

8 x 8" coffee table book - prices vary

20-page, softcover, lay-flat book.

Which photography style is right for you?

Day-in-the-Life Family Photos

This type of family photoshoot leaves you with moments, not poses.  We’ll talk ahead of time to choose an activity or place to visit, like going to the farmers market or a trip to the beach. Once there, I’ll snap away while you all enjoy your time together.  I’ll mostly take candids. However, if the moment feels right, I may ask you to pause or look at the camera here and there.

Sessions can last anywhere from an hour to a full day.  

family photos farmers market

Traditional Family Photos

If you’re less comfortable on camera or your kids need instruction, this style might be right for you. Unlike day-in-the-life sessions, I’ll be more like a movie director.  I’ll help you with how to pose, where to look, and even offer prompts to bring out some laughter.

I know all families are different. Some kids are shy and light touch. Others are high energy and call for a playmate. When needed, I’m happy to be a total goofball, or tone it down if your child’s feeling overwhelmed.  As a mom and wife to a man who’s not too fond of being photographed, I understand how important it is to have a photographer who makes you feel comfortable. 

In the end, I want nothing more than for you and your family to feel at ease so I can take genuine pictures you’ll cherish for years to come.


Ready to book your own family session? Great! I can’t wait to connect. You can contact me here. If you have more questions, you can schedule a 15-minute stress-free phone call here

I also have answers to frequently asked questions below. Just keep scrolling!

Family photo booking process: How it works?

Let’s Chat. I find the best place to start is a phone call or even a video chat. That way, I can hear a little about you, your family (or family-to-be), and what you’re looking for. If you already have an idea what type of session you’d like, it’s still helpful to chat. That way we can nail down some details like what time the light is best in your home or what happens if your baby is shedding that first layer of skin during your newborn session, etc.

What do I do when I’m ready to book?

Once you’re ready to book you can let me know in an email or phone call. I’ll then send over a booking proposal. It will cover the details of your session and other things like my privacy and rescheduling policies. I will also include an invoice for a deposit, which applies toward your final package. Once you’ve signed the agreement and the deposit is paid, voila! You’re set.

What should we wear in our family photos?!

Ah yes, the million-dollar question. The key here is not to stress too much. If you’re going for a day-in-the-life session, then what you’d wear on a normal basis is great. Authenticity is key. Keep it fairly simple. I recommend mostly a fairly neutral palette like white, gray, blue, or beige. You can create contrast by selecting different shades within the same family.

For visual interest, you can add pops of color, texture or pattern. Just try not to go too busy. When in doubt, less is more. Check out this family and this family for inspiration. If you love color, is a great place to generate a palette.

Fit is key.  Avoid oversize items that don’t fit well, even if it’s trendy. Tailored clothing can do wonders for a figure. If you’re unsure what size or style you look best in, there are great guides on Pinterest here and hereTimeless pieces with classic cuts that flatter your shape work best. If you’re really struggling, let me know. I’m happy to create a look-board of suggestions to help!

What happens if my kids implode?

Noooo worries. I’ve dealt with imploding kids dozens of times and have plenty of tricks to pull everyone through! We also do what we can on the front end to avoid meltdowns (planning around nap time, having snacks on hand, etc). I’m always mindful of time to make sure we get our ‘winners’ quickly.

If it’s a day-in-the-life session, we keep it loose and read the situation. This is real life. Your crying child doesn’t bother me one bit. I can continue capturing your dynamic (sometimes these moments are quite powerful) or if you prefer—give you space till the energy shifts. In the end, we’ll talk through all this beforehand to ensure your comfort.

Your main squeeze isn’t a fan of pictures.

Mine isn’t either so I understand. I try to make sessions fun and painless for everyone. If your partner’s uncomfortable with posing for a camera, day-in-the-life sessions make all the difference. Instead of a formal session where they feel pressured to look a certain way, you can have fun together as a family eating ice cream or playing at the park, while I document your interactions.

What to expect from me?

I’ll be keeping it casual. During a session, you might see me crawling in the grass along with your toddler, or climbing up a tree opposite your six-year-old. You can expect to find me in jeans and a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers or socks.

Will you try to up-sell me?

No in-person sales session, lots of options for products and prints. You’re a parent, which basically guarantees you are busy. To make things easier for you, I’ll send a link to your online gallery where you can download your files directly.  As for what to do with those files, while I’m not ever going to pressure you, a professional printer goes a long way. If you want to place an order through me, I have plenty of keepsake options. But no pressure! You have total freedom to go your own way.

When should I expect my pictures to be ready?

I know, it’s just so hard to wait, especially in the age of digital! You’ll have your gallery online within seven days of your session.  Once I receive your picks for retouching, I’ll have them back to you within 72 hours.

Will my pictures end up on your website? 

Only if you let me. I hope you will, but no pressure!  We will go over all that when the time comes to ensure you’re comfortable.

Do you retouch my family photos?

I retouch all your favorites photos for traditional packages.  Once your gallery is online, I’ll provide directions for this step.

Day-in-the-life sessions are all about authenticity, so I tend to do minimal if any retouching. However,  if there you have any concerns that you’d like touched up, just let me know.  

Ready to book your own family photography session?

Great! I can’t wait to connect. You can contact me here. If you have more questions, you can schedule a 15-minute stress-free phone call here.