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Hi, I’m Maggie.

I’m a Chicago family photographer, with a love for storytelling photos.

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I believe there is magic in photos to take you back in time and let you relieve those special moments. To me, those moments come from a bit of planning and lots of room for play in the moment. I’d love to create some together!


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“The photos are stunning! You would never know that Eve was melting down
almost the entire time. We are so appreciative of the beautiful work!” 

-Megan Paul

Family Photography guide


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Let’s Play.

Each photoshoot includes a phone or email consultation, style and prep guidance, an online gallery within ten business days, digital files, and all the patience and positive energy you could ever want.

How much do family photos cost?

Explore my 2024 Family Photography Pricing Guide for current rates.

The extras:

  • Sessions outside of Chicago are subject to a $200 travel charge.
  • Mini sessions are only available on weekdays.
  • One-hour sessions are $100 off on weekdays (Monday-Thursday) May-Nov.
  • Bundle packages are available and include a built-in discount.

Ready to learn more? I’d love to talk with you! You can schedule a phone call here or book a session online here.




Choosing a spot for your family photos in Chicago can feel overwhelming, especially in a city full of iconic architecture and beautiful landscaping. Talk about decision fatigue! To help my family clients, I’ve created a guide to my favorite Chicago family photography locations outdoors and indoors. Follow the links below to find the complete guides and discover the best settings in the city for your family portrait.

What should you expect from your Chicago family photographer?

Before your session, I’ve created a simple system to simplify scheduling.  You will receive direct access to my availability and will be able to select a time that works for you.

Once booked, I provide recommendations for convenient locations depending on where you live and the type of background you prefer. When it comes to what to wear, a question EVERYONE asks, I guide you on how to pull your looks together and places to shop depending on your taste. I also give helpful tips to prepare–tricks of the trade, you could call them—to make things go a bit smoother on the day of your photoshoot.

And more: I know you probably have many more questions. Don’t worry! I have a page dedicated to frequently asked questions about my family photoshoots and a survival guide for getting the most out of your family photoshoot with one of the leading Chicago-based family photographers, including answers to the questions below:

Family Photography FAQS

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  • How will we find each other?
  • What’s the booking process like?
  • Do I take portraits or just documentary photos?
  • What to wear for your family photos
  • What happens if there’s a meltdown?
  • What if your partner’s not into pictures?
  • What to expect during your family photoshoot
  • How & when will you receive the pictures?
  • Do I retouch your photos?
  • How do you display your pictures? 

Where it all started…

Top Chicago Family Photographer

My love of photography started while paging through my parents’ collection of National Geographics in the ’90s. I learned the power of pictures as memory keepers after my mom passed when I was seven. Her photos helped me feel connected. A few years later, I was hooked when my Dad opened his home photo studio, where he taught me how to use an SLR and develop film as a teenager.

I went on to study photojournalism but nearly opted for art school. To me, the magic happens when you have the real AND the pretty.

Professionally, I have 15+ years of photography experience, a degree in the field, and have been named a top photographer in Chicago for multiple years in a row {PeerspaceExpertise.com}.

My approach

Professional Family photographer + Mom who can relate

I’m honored to have been distinguished as a top Chicago family photographer for several years. I am most thankful to my clients, who allow me to witness some of life’s most important moments.

As a mom of two, a small-business owner, and a wife to a husband with odd work hours, I understand the many logistics parents juggle daily. I try to make every photo session easy and fun—while creating cherished family photo keepsakes.

When I’m not snapping pics and doing family photography, you might catch me dancing with my sons, practicing a handstand, or exploring a new neighborhood in the city.

You’ve come to the right place. Explore more family photoshoots below.

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