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Storytelling and artistic wedding photography 

Thank you so much for visiting my wedding photography portfolio. I have a full site dedicated to weddings at my sister company, Revealed Studios, where you can find all sorts of information from rates to picture–lots more pictures!

In the meantime, you can find a little background to get you started below.

Weddings by Revealed

In 2017 I partnered up with my colleague and BFF, Kelly Feldmiller, for wedding photography. Together we created a wedding branch of my sister company, Revealed Studios. You can read more about our approach to weddings as well as our origin story here, but to get you started, I’ve included a few excerpts below.

More than just wedding photographers

There are two things that matter most in our work. The first: create pictures that make your heart swell. The second: help you have a magical day.

During the planning process, it’s easy to lose that sense of magic. You have a million and one things you’re juggling. What if you had one less thing? What if you had a vendor who felt more like a friend than a person to manage?

That’s what we want to be. We’ve done this a time or two. We’ve even been in your shoes. You can count on us to show up as more than just your wedding photographers. In the months, weeks, and days leading up to your day, we’ll do everything we can on our end to make things easier and your wedding everything you imagined it to be.

Our approach to wedding photography…

Whether a tight shot showing a gentle touch or sweeping frame capturing the setting, our images will take you back in time. We love the pretty, the styled, the amusing, poignant and tender. Our work is made to be tasteful and timeless. As important, we care about your experience. We’re mindful of your space and honor the moment.

In short, we’re all about the art and the story.

Ready to connect?  Call 402-304-4057 or email at for more information.

Check out a few featured weddings below: