Professional Corporate Photography Services 

Whether you’re a business professional or a Chicago company with a growing team, having dynamic corporate photography is essential to your brand. 

As a small business owner, I update my own headshot every few years because I want to stay current. If I were to wait much longer, my image might become outdated and stale. And no one wants to be stale. 

Having a fresh business portrait means my clients are meeting the same person they see when visiting my website or social media profiles. And on some level, even unconsciously, it builds trust before we actually meet each other. 

Stand Out Among the Chicago Business Crowd

On top of that, in the digital age, we’re all being vetted on Google whether we like it or not. A question to consider is, do you want an iPhone snapshot to be the photo people see when they research you or a service you provide?  

Having your own professional corporate photos can increase your chance of making a great impression before you even meet someone. In that way, it’s an investment that can make all the difference. 


Who should get professional corporate photos?  

Anyone looking to make a lasting impression and grow their business: From the lawyer who’s gone off on her own to start up a new practice, to the growing company wanting to highlight their expanding team, I give the same quality customized attention to everyone.

To begin, we’ll have a one-on-one consultation to come up with a personalized game plan. I’ll ask you questions to help determine your vibe and create the right setup and scope of work completely tailored to you or your business.  

Take your pick from individual portraits to customized corporate photography packages.

Maybe you just need one new profile picture for LinkedIn. I’ve got you covered. Corporate photography costs for individual headshots start at $300 for 30-minutes. You’ll receive a gallery of images to choose from within 72-hours of your portrait session. And if you need help deciding, I’m always happy to offer my two cents. 

Other individual packages include additional services like on-site professional hair and makeup as well as wardrobe styling. You also have the option of booking a longer session with multiple backgrounds and outfit changes. This is great if you need a variety of portrait options for your website or social media content.

If you’re a growing enterprise, professional photos showing who you are will reinforce your brand. Strong imagery helps your clients feel excited and confident about working with you. I offer full-coverage corporate packages just for these types of imagery needs. Depending on your business size, you can choose from half-day, full-day, to multi-day options for your photography. 

I’ll take photos of every team member all at once with professional lighting and posing to ensure a consistent overall effect. Then, you’ll have the option of photographing new staff quarterly or on a schedule that works best for you. 

Extra Corporate Photography Options: In addition to general corporate photography packages, I offer extra photo options to really create a full visual picture of who you are as a company. This includes:

  • Office Space Photos. Your work environment is another reflection of your overall brand. Show off your place of business with interior and exterior office photography.

  • Working Pictures. For many companies, how you create your product or arrive at your results is a huge part of your business. Showcase yourself and your team in action. People want to see you creating that ceramic bowl or setting up for a corporate event. Pull back the velvet curtain, let them in, and further strengthen your following with work images for your website, brochures, banners, artwork, and more.

  • Sample Portfolio Photos. Ever watch an HD show in standard definition? Ack! It really affects the viewing experience. The same is true when snapping photos of your end results with an iPhone. It just doesn’t do your work justice. Your professional work deserves professional portfolio images.  


Professional corporate photography pricing.

Remember, this is an investment. Pricing ranges from $300-$999 for individual headshots. Corporate company photography can choose to book hourly or half-days. A full day rate begins at $3,600. 

To inquire about your own corporate photography, please contact me today here, call (402)304-4057 or email I’d love to hear from you!

For ideas on what to wear for your professional corporate headshot, check out this post. 

Other corporate photography services I offer include, but not limited to,

  • Corporate team photography: 

      • Highlight those on your team who help make your business successful with professional corporate portraits. Use your team images for speaking engagements, email signatures, and online profiles. 
    • Corporate event photography. 

      • Showcase the work that went into your annual fundraiser or any occasion for your company. Professional event photography is a great way to celebrate your attendees and also to market for future events.
  • Conference photography: 

      • Document your business’ conferences. Coverage will focus on speakers, room setups, break-out groups, and more. You’ll have great material for use as examples for future conferences. 
  • Corporate lifestyle photography:

      • Celebrate your company’s unique work environment with a mixture of documentary-style imagery and stylized photos to capture your business lifestyle with the right images and photos. Use these lifestyle photos for blog articles, press releases, and company morale intranets and newsletters to share how your organization brings life and work together.
  • Workplace portraits:

      • Do you have a unique work environment? People love seeing inspiring workplace portraits! Showcase your colleagues’ passion in the space they practice their craft with interesting workplace portrait photography. 
  • Corporate Branding: 

    • Instead of just telling what you do, show who you are with corporate branding photos. These can include a combination of everything above. 

Locations for your corporate photography


Your Chicago Corporate Photography Partner and Studio

The Rife Ponce Photography studio in Chicago is a great space to create your professional corporate photos. The first floor is a blank canvas. White brick walls and floors as well as professional equipment and backgrounds. Your experience will be personalized to reflect your unique brand.

If you’d like the rustic, industrial vibe, the second floor of my studio is a great background for you and your business colleagues.

Is your Chicago corporate office on brand? Even better! I can come to you. People love having the “curtain pulled back” so to speak. Let’s show where the magic happens with on-site corporate imagery. 

If you don’t feel confident that where you work is the right place for a photoshoot – maybe it’s too cluttered, too cramped, too empty, too small, whatever the reason – no worries. Just let me know. I’m happy to work with you to scout out alternative business photographic options.

Corporate Photography Questions Business Owners and Colleagues Ask

  • What is corporate photography?
    Corporate photography can range from portraits of your team members to event photography for your annual fundraiser, to branding pictures to show off your work community. 

  • How much does corporate photography cost?
    Prices vary depending on the specific business photo services you are looking to acquire. You can learn more about corporate photography costs here

  • Why is corporate photography important?
    Professional corporate photography creates trust and buy-in from your target audience. It matches the quality of your work with equally high-quality photos and also shows who your company is and what your culture represents. 

  • What types of corporate photography are offered?
    I offer a range of corporate photography including team photos, corporate event photography, working pictures, portfolio or product photography, branding photos, and custom photography that speaks to your specific brand. 

  • What is included in your corporate photography services?
    All corporate photography services include personalized consulting to create the right approach for your corporate photos. 

To inquire about your own corporate photography, contact me today here, call (402)304-4057 or email I’d love to hear from you!