Tina and Manny’s Vineyard Wedding Willow Harbor Vineyards in Michigan

Tina and Manny first caught sight of each other at a Starbucks on Taylor street. After running into each other again and again, they finally made plans for a date, which of course, started at that same Starbucks. After the date ended, Tina told her sister, “He’s a nice guy! He threw away my coffee cup for me.”

They two spent countless hours at that Starbuck’s studying beside each other, supporting one another through med school and CFA exams.  After four years, they decided  to commit to a lifetime of coffee drinking together!

Their wedding was a blast! Check below for descriptions of all their unique details and cultural traditions. Congratulations Tina and Manny! Cheers to a long and happy life together!

Also, big Thanks to Alex Matzke for assisting with this wedding! And a shout out to these vendors:

-Hair stylist: Heath and Company, DJ: DJ Sultan, Videographer: Sterling Wedding Cinema, Makeup: Justina Wiegel of Eventful Makeup


The two celebrated their nuptials with details special to their relationship-the table names were various Starbuck’s drinks, their candy table was a nod to their sweet tooth’s, and their location, a beautiful winery in Michigan, was chosen a mutual love of nature.
The event was a multicultural affair, weaving in traditions from their background, including the Mexican Lazo ceremony followed by a traditional Persian ceremony. When you see the women holding the canopy above their heads in the pictures, that is part of a blessing where loved ones sprinkle sugar over them to bring sweetness to their marriage.

The Sofreh  Aghd is a wedding spread, decorated with flowers and set with a luxurious spread for the couple.

Photography by Maggie Rife | www.maggierife.com  chicago wedding photography, chicago wedding photographer, chicago engagment photographer
Photography by Maggie Rife | www.maggierife.com  chicago wedding photography, chicago wedding photographer, chicago engagment photographerPhotography by Maggie Rife | www.maggierife.com  chicago wedding photography, chicago wedding photographer, chicago engagment photographer

The reception included additional cultural traditions, including a knife dance (Manny did his best to steal the cutlery from Tina’s dancing friend’s, before eventually having to pay them off); and a Mexican chair dance, where female guests first tried to knock Tina off the chair, followed by the males attempting the same. Things moved fast, but Manny held tight and triumphed! None-the-less, the gents got the best of him, tipping him onto his back and tossing him high in the air to huge cheers by onlookers!















Winter wedding in Chicago at St. Benedict Church – Olga and Noel

As the marachias music drifted high toward the trusses of St. Benedict’s lofty sanctuary, Noel waited in anticaption for Olga to reach him . For any of the guests with eyes on Noel, they saw him standing, one hand crossed over the other, gripping his left wrist. He held his mouth tight, perhaps to keep the tears from falling.

Later in the evening, they would come, as his brother’s toasted the couple, raising Olga up for her support to their family when their father passed away. Other’s in the audience dabbed at their eyes, and shook their heads in solidarity. But just as quickly, their tears were replaced with full bellied laughter as the bridesmaids rapped their speech.

Olga and Noel have their bridesmaid Maria to thank for the happy occassion. It was she who originally set them up 11 years ago for Olga’s high school prom. Olga wore the same garter from her high school prom, which Noel kept all those years in between.

Noel assists his Grandparents.

On the way to take our fomals, Olga surprised Noel, having prearranged for us to visit Wrigley Stadium, home of Noel’s beloved Cubbies, to take their bridal pictures.


Noel was over the moon!

On the way to the reception, the trolley stopped by Chicago pizza for reinforcements during the ride. 

Like Angelina and Brad or Ben and Jennifer, Noel and Olga got their on title “Nolga”

Noel’s brother’s brought many to tears during their toast, during which they thanked Olga for being there for their family after the death of their father.

After the speeches, the Mariachi’s came back!

Noel, ever the prankster, pulled out an oversized pair of leopard print underwear while searching for the garter. Olga’s real garter, the non-toss-a-way, was the one she wore when the couple went to the prom together more than a decade ago. Noel kept it all those years.