Agustina and Johann’s Day After Portrait Session in Uyuni, Bolivia

A few days after Agustina and Johann’s wedding, we jumped in a pickup truck with our guides, Joaquin and Dani, gas tank loaded on the back of the bed, and headed North.  After two days of driving, we arrived in Uyuni, Bolivia. Llama farms dotted the countryside and locals sold hand woven fabrics along the road. After having a quick bite of local fare, we headed outside of town to the salt flats. This celestial terrain stretches for miles as far as the eye can see.  The expanse of salt is remnants left over from what once was an ocean or sea.

On the dry cracked land, dressed in their wedding attire, I snapped pictures of the newlyweds. It was a beautiful setting for a couple that radiates. Thank you for having me along to document your wedding and experience Bolivia and Argentina!

A few Outtakes:Our guide Dani strikes a pose.  He wanted to be a part of the portrait session. Dani and Joaquin smile for a photo.

Dani uses a stick and plastic tube to siphon gas into the tank. This was a first for me!

Nick + Molly’s Trash the Dress

“Do you guys think I should just go for it?” Molly asked her girlfriends, who came to watch and cheer the recent couple’s after-wedding photo shoot.

These were the girls from her running group, the ones whom she’d meet every week downtown to pound miles on Chicago’s asphalt. Of course they said yes.  They were the women who’d encourage her to go for any challenge; who were plotting their next race, even as one was still recovering from a recent injury and was explicitly told NOT to run yet.

“Yes!” They all agreed. “Just don’t jump from the rocks though. Why don’t you wade in?”

And just like that, Molly was in the water…Lake Michigan water. At the very beginning of June. Did she complain about the frigid temperatures? Not once.

Nick followed suite.  After rolling up his pants high-water style, he went after his bride…A sign of years to come? If so I think they’re in for a lot of adventures!

The Outtakes