Photo Snowfari with Laurie

When I told my Dad yesterday morning that Laurie and I were going on a photo snowfari, he immediately quipped about it being a  a little cold for outdoor boudoir. Funny Dad, real funny.

While our shoots together these days are typically for Revealed, we try to make it a point to exercise our eye in other avenues.  With two feet of snow creating a natural softbox, we agreed a trip outdoors was in order.

I can’t deny I LOVE Montrose Harbor, so we opted to go there. Parents pushed their children down well-worn sled runs, dogs ran circles in the snow, and the light made it all feel magical.

Snow DAY!

Who doesn’t love a snow day?  Between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning the weather Gods had their way with Chicago. There was snow, there was lightning, there was thunder, and there was wind. Yes, I know, it’s Chicago, we’re used to the wind, but 70 mph gusts were strong even for us.  After all was said and done, people made the most of their day off, taking to the street for a snow ball fights, shoveling parties, and even a game of Wiffle ball.