Bikram in the City Staff Portraits

Bikram Yoga Instructor Portraits for Chicago studio Bikram in the City

Below is a collection of images from my recent portrait shoot with Bikram in the City staff.  The studio maintains an urban feel and brand, so we decided to use the Chicago city as the background for these images. The shoot was held over three days in four different locations: Millenium Park, The Chicago El (until CTA kicked us out, waa waaa), The Observatory, and Montrose Harbor.  There were logistical challenges we were to overcome-rain and more rain, a stringent policy on permits by the city, and timing (thank you Starbucks for opening so early).  I had a great team working with me, Manase Latu did an amazing job on the makeup, my dear friends Agustina Agustina Diez Sierra and Laurie Peacock were along to assist for some of it, and the staff were amazing!

bikram yoga instructor

bikram yoga instructor bikram yoga instructor bikram yoga instructor bikram yoga instructor

bikram yoga instructor

I started “practicing” bikram this January during the worst of Chicago winter.  Like most, I thought I was going to die during my first session, but I’ve since grown to really love this type of yoga.  I don’t pretend to be on a level even close to these instructors, but my appreciate for the form grew deeply after hearing of their rigorous training and complete dedication.

Bikram in the City for Fresh Guide/Pop Sugar

Bikram in the City for Pop Sugar

“Would you like a towel?” Mike, owner of Bikram in the City, asked me as soon as I stepped out of the 105 degree room full of limber bodied yogis.

“Yes please,” I replied eagerly.

He handed me a big white one from the rental shelf. I sheepishly sopped my sweat-covered brow.

“I guess I should have scheduled this as my last shoot of the day.”

Mike chuckle said what he did not–yeah, dummy, it’s HOT yoga.

Even though I left the studio “glistening,” I still felt great.  My natural high could have been from all the chanting  or “chi” in the room. I think  it was the shooting. The elements were ideal–floor to ceiling windows and the toned figures contorted into interesting shapes. What photographer wouldn’t be happy?

I left inspired, that’s for sure. The next night I had my first ever bikram session. If you haven’t tried it, you should. It feels amazing, especially in the cold, dry winter!  Check out this link for Bikram in the City’s schedule of classes.

bikram in the city bikram in the city bikram in the city