A beautiful engagement session at the Skokie Lagoon

Dominika and Matt’s engagement session was took place at the magical Skokie Lagoons. In the golden afternoon light, we started off using Matt’s Cobra for our first location. What a beaut! It was so fun to incorporate the car into their session, they looked phenomenal with it! From there, we walked into the woods. The sunlight caste warmth across the tall prairie grass. At the top of the knoll, they unpacked a picnic and cheers over a glass of wine. It was a stunning evening!  I’m so looking forward to their nuptials next May!   




Jennifer and Jason- Promontory Point Engagement Session

Jennifer is a self-proclaimed romantic. Halfway through the shoot, I had to stop and ask, “Did you read love stories growing up?” She smiled and said, “Yes” and that she loved fairy tales. I had a feeling as I photographed her and Jason–they were just soo romantic! I love how tender they were with each other.

I had such a great time capturing them “cuddle” (Jennifer said I may be the only professional who can get away with telling clients to “cuddle up.”)  I’m looking forward to the wedding this Saturday!