Back to the Damen Building with Steve.

In February, I had a post showing a few shots from  a Sunday afternoon when I visited a building in the Pilsen area of Chicago.  More than a year before, I spotted the old boarded up grain silo on the train heading to Chicago Midway Airport where I was heading to New York to reunite with my friend Alina and the photographers at the VII seminar.

I made a point that morning to remember the spot and planned to find my way there when I returned to Chicago.  It was during that trip to New York when I was offered an opportunity to work in SE Asia. Ten days later I was back on a flight, this time heading to Thailand.

My plans were postones, but not forgotten.

It was exciting to finally make it to the building in February, but nightfall was fast approaching.  I once more planned to make it back, this time with a friend and more light.

Last Friday  photog friend Steve and I found the “entrance” and set started shooting. The sun was finally out after what seemed like a winter of only gray days.  Despite the slush from the snow, I had a great time exploring the area and taking Steve’s headshots. Afterward we headed to a delicious Mexican restaurant called Abuelo’s Mexican Grill. YUMMM, perfect way to end the afternoon.

**Check back soon for shots from the area.

To my friend who doubted, I wore boots that day.

Sunny Sunday=site scouting.

Went for a drive down south of Chicago this afternoon to visit a building I spotted a year or so back.  It’s a long way from where I live, which is why it’s taken me so long to check it out.   With a free Sunday, a rare sunny day, and a fresh zip card begging to be used, I finally made it to the spot.  This was more of a scouting session than anything else. Needless to say, I was intrigued and can’t wait to go back.