Darlene + Andy=L.O.V.E. & Marriage | A Thai/Korean Wedding

Darlene and Andy’s wedding was a beautiful combination of different cultures.  Their ceremony was sincere and traditional, complete with the exchange of vows, lighting of the unity candle, and kiss to seal the deal. Immediately following their procession, they moved to a room prepared in advance for a Thai customary Water Ceremony where family and guest blessed the couple.

It’s been over a year since my last trip to Thailand, and I’ve missed the people and rituals.  I was excited to learn from Steve Koo, whom I photographed the wedding with, that Andy was Thai.  Both sides were warm and welcoming, but once I said “Sawadee Kaa” (hello) and wai’d to his father, I suddenly felt like family.  For the rest of the night I heard “Chok dee” (good luck) and “Saib bai dee mai kap” (how are you?) from all directions. It was almost like I’d returned to that beloved place I’ve missed so much.”

Darlene beams while having her makeup done.

I love  the lace.

I love the glasses!  

Things were going so well…

And then…. The wedding party was nothing but sympathetic.

Darlene played a song for everyone while her Dad watches in the background.  

Darlene’s Doppleganger. Her mom gave her the socks  with a famous Koren starlight printed on them for a present.

Flowers for the Thai ceremony.

Receiving  a blessing.