In Home Newborn Photos

Document your growing family with in-home newborn photos

in-home-newborn-session-_0039At a time when each moment is new and precious, in-home newborn photos are a wonderful way to remember the first with your infant. As a mother myself, I understand how wonderful and overwhelming those first few weeks with your little one can be. You want to hold on to every second with your new babe, but it can all pass by in a blur. To help you celebrate your growing family, I’ll come to your home and photograph those first few days with pictures in a natural, storytelling way.


How long are in-home newborn sessions?

There’s a lot happening in those first few weeks of life. Your learning what it means to be a new parent. Diaper changes, feedings, and of course inevitable spit. I want to give you one less thing to worry about, so when it comes to timing, a session can last between 30 minutes and two hours. I always try to make things as quick and easy as possible to let you get back to cuddling your babe. But, if there are interruptions, no stress.  I understand!  The most important thing is for you to feel relaxed and in the moment.

How many pictures are included in my newborn photo shoot?

I’ll snap away throughout our time together in a more documentary way, while also incorporating some dedicated “just baby” time that includes those sweet, simple, little up wrap like a baby burrito or snug as a bug with a lovey. After your session, I’ll go through all the pics and select the ones that best showcase our time together. Typically sessions include at least 70 pictures, but some might include more.  You’ll have photos of not just baby, but also any other family member who might want to be captured with the star of the show.

Are pets welcome in the photos?

Absolutely!  In fact, they’re encouraged!  They’re part of your family and I want to make sure they get the same attention as everyone else.  Just make sure to have a few treats handy, which always makes things flow smoother.

Studio newborn photos – Sample Gallery by Maggie Rife Ponce

Welcome a new addition to your family with studio newborn photos

Having a new baby is so amazing, but also a big change! The first few weeks after birth can be a lot. Constant visitors, never-ending loads of laundry and sleepless nights. I’ve been there! An in-home newborn session can feel daunting if your home isn’t exactly the way you’d like it to look. Take the stress off your shoulders with studio newborn photos.

You’ll get two-three hours of dedicated time in my bright, light-filled lofted studio. I’ll dedicate time to those sweet newborn, sleepy baby poses as well as pictures of your family welcoming the baby altogether.

If you are interested in an at-home newborn session, you can view a sample gallery here. Or learn more about my sessions here.




Studio Mini Newborn Session – Sample Gallery

A baby focused mini newborn session to capture the birth of your little one

mini-newborn photosCelebrate the birth of your baby with a mini newborn session. This option is perfect for the parent who loves those sweet, sleeping infant pictures. With gentle hands, I’ll capture your baby in a variety of poses. You’re welcome to bring your own props and wraps or choose from my own supply of wraps, swaddles, loveys, and headpieces.

Baby focused newborn photos

Unlike a full session, this one highlights just your baby. Lasting up to an hour, I’ll have the studio toasty warm with soft music or a noisemaker on to lull your little love into a peaceful slumber as we capture their week(s) of their life.

Schedule within the first few weeks of birth

One of the most commonly asked questions is when is the best time to have your newborn photographed. I find the sweet spot is within 10 days of birth. From my experience, this is when your baby will still be sleeping the most, and therefore easiest to move into different positions. I love an awake newborn too–but the more awake the baby, the more prone objective they become to being moved and changed.

Interested in your own newborn session?  Visit my contact page or call 402-304-4057.  Want to see more examples?  Check out these links below:

About those poses…

Wondering how those darlings newborn poses are achieved? Lots of practice and patience. While newborns are fragile, they’re also incredibly flexible. With the right touch, you can help guide their hands over each other or fold their form into a darling bundled form.

mini-newborn photos
mini-newborn photos
mini-newborn photos
mini-newborn photos
mini-newborn photos


mini-newborn photos



Soft and airy newborn session with the Rodriguez’s

The Rodriguez’s welcome baby Leo with a newborn session

Marisa and Ignacio welcomed the sweetest little bundle of joy, Leo a month ago. Big sister Alessandra was so wonderful with him during his newborn photography session, giving him kisses and soft squeezes. Somehow Marisa was still glowing, despite the sleepless nights. She’s pretty much my hero.

So happy for this family.  Wishing them all the best!


Gentle Newborn Photography Session // Sweet Madison

When Andreea was still pregnant, I had the chance to take some pictures of her adorable bump and can’t-stop-smiling face.  It was a joy to capture this experience for Drea. I hope she’ll be able to look back at the pictures in 10, 20, and 30 years at what was to come.

Less than a month ago, Madison was born. A perfect little girl with a rosy mouth and her mother’s delicate features. Andreea and her darling husband Joe came by the studio for her newborn photo session. She was a delight to meet and I couldn’t get enough of her cuteness!