Megan and David’s Wedding Photos at Independence Grove

A romantic setting for Megan and Dave’s wedding photos at Independence Grove

Megan and David met as freshman in college when David knocked on the door of her dorm room and invited Megan and her roommates to a party.  Over the course of four years, they became best friends.  David even became close to Megan’s family, but neither thought anything more of their relationship until senior year.  To their own surprise, they realized they both had feelings for each other, and with a foundation that makes for long and happy marriages, the two started dating.

Already in their time together they’ve experienced a great depth of human emotion, from the loss of parents to the joy of close friendship. They have an easy rapport with one another that makes those around them feel settled and balanced by their grounded relationship. I see this come through in so many of their pictures, especially those of them together outside and during their first dance. There’s pure affection in each of their eyes.

It’s a joy to see wonderful people commit to each other. I’m so happy for Megan and David and wish them a lifetime of happiness.

See all their wedding photos below and check out Independence Grove for your own wedding venue.

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Cheers to these vendors for all their work making these wedding so lovely!

Florist:  Joseph’s Florist

DJ:  Elite DJs

Catering:  Catering by Micheal’s

Cake:  Oak Mill Bakery

Makeup:   Jenessa Blaine  

Hair:  Catherine Tsakalis 

Trolley:  Second City Trolley