Amy, Ryan, and their Dragon-Chicago Engagement Session

Amy, Ryan, and the Dragon met me for their engagement session at one of Chicago’s most famous landmarks, the Bean, on a chilly Sunday afternoon. Who or what is “the Dragon?” Well, the sweet little girl in the photos below has this amazing ability to imitate a mighty dragon when disturbed.  I was lucky enough to see this  magical phenomenon shortly into our shoot.  “It started when she was a newborn; she would huff and puff instead of cry,” explained Amy.

After the appearance of the Dragon, Amy and Ryan decided it was best to let the mighty one head back into the warmth for fear she might start blowing flames.  So from the Bean, we looped the loop over Columbus Drive and around to the Fulton Market area. 

Amy and I exchanged e-mails back-and-forth for a few weeks prior to the shoot.  In these e-mails I learned a little more about her and Ryan; while Amy’s an art buyer, the irony is that she has an incredible talent and it’s her work people should be buying. She shared a piece she did that hangs in the Printers Row Starbucks.  Words won’t do it justice! It’s comprised of hundreds of vintage movable type pieces in a multidimensional plane. Seriously, Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn would drool over it.

Ryan’s a self-taught guitar player with a handy ability to play by ear. To top it off, he loves karaoke. “He proposed to me by singing the song “Amie” by Pure Prairie League (He also paid a band on our first date to play that song, and we had our first kiss while it was playing).”

After hearing all this, I was excited for their engagement session. Now after their engagement session I’m even more excited for their wedding. 1. It’s on a boat 2. There will be a band there called Too White Crew with back up dancers 3. I’ll reunite with the Dragon! Can’t wait!