Three’s a crowd? Not when you’re boys are this adorable.

September 6, 2017 Family 0 Comments

Candid, in-home newborn photos with the Ponzios

I’ve decided Kimi and Michael can’t stop having babies.  I mean it.  Really. They can’t.  I mean, look at these boys in this unscripted, joint in home newborn photos and family photo shoot. They owe it to the world to keep making these beautiful, darling, charming children. They’re three boys are absolutely irresistible. If they aren’t careful, next time I see them they might be missing one of their little guys.

I gotta also give them a big slow clap for officially having three boys under three.  I don’t know how they’re surviving, but wow, they doing an amazing job.

Meet their newest addition, little Ben Ponzio.  Cute as can be with the temperament of a third (meaning he takes his big brother’s jostles and tumbles in stride).