Family Photos at Winnemac Park with the Berres

Getting ready for the holidays with family photos at Winnemac Park with the Berres

I’m pretty darn lucky that my sister-in-law and her husband happen to be as attractive and hip as they are awesome.  It’s safe to say I won the jackpot when I married Anthony.  I’ve always wanted a big family, and with him, that’s exactly what I got!  It’s just an added Bonus that Maria and Trey are great people–they’re two of the most inspiring DIY-ers, combining their eye for style with can-do attitudes.  I love visiting their little one, Fiona, and seeing what new projects they’re working on.

So, of course, when it came time to take a picture for their Christmas card, I wasn’t surprised to see them looking like they just walked off the pages of a magazine. Lucky me!

family portrait photographyfamily portrait photographyfamily portrait photography
family portrait photographyfamily portrait photographyfamily portrait photographyfamily portrait photography


Baby Roberto is too cute in his newborn photos

Can’t get enough of this little cutie. Roberto’s newborn photos.

This family photo session below features lil’ rugrat, baby Roberto.  He’s simply edible!  I could hardly resist those cheeks!  His father, Roberto Sr. and mother, Irene (who I met  during her sister Tina’s wedding this past June), are such a sweet couple, both pursuing life-changing careers (she’s a doctor and he’s working on his Ph.D. in clinical psychology), so they dedicate most of their free time to this little guy.  The result is a close, beautiful, loving family, which is always a joy to photograph.

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Playful Family Photography in Western Springs, IL

Candid Chicago family photos

NBC 5 Chicago’s Lauren Petty welcomed the birth of her third daughter, Claire, four months ago.  This past Claire had her very first photo shoot, along with the rest of the family in Western Springs, IL. Petty is just as beautiful in real life as behind the video camera, and her three daughters are just as photogenic!















Ms. Maya takes after her Daddy, lighting up the camera

I’m totally biased, but I think my little niece is just a sweet slice of cute pie. I can’t get enough of her smile and those twinkling eyes! She’s already taking after her Dad, Dan Ponce, hamming it up and even stroking the piano keys. Love her so much!!


Oakland maternity photos

Jess’ quiet, lakeside Oakland Maternity Photos

Recently I visited my friend, Jessica, for a few days to celebrate her pending motherhood.  I’ve never seen Jess look more beautiful, so I, of course, wanted to snap some pictures to document this rare and special time in her life.  In the early morning hours, as the sun crept above the California Cyprus trees, she and I took the Cleveland Cascade stairs down to Lake Merritt in the heart of Oakland.  As the dew still clung to the grass and goslings followed their mothers across the still water, Jess meditated on her baby’s arrival. She graciously allowed me to capture the moment. We shared smiles and a few tears.

Jess has such a beautiful, sweet connection to the child already. I’m counting down the days till the little one (they’ve chosen to let the gender be a surprise) arrives.

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Six month baby photo shoot of Ms. Hannah

Ms. Hannah, my has she grown!

When I first met Hannah, she was just a peanut baby, weighing in at mere ounces over five pounds.  She’s a bit bigger since our last photo shoot, and much more active. She brings so much joy to her parents with that big smile and sweet spirit.  I love that her parents John and Claudia were able to stop by the studio on their visit to Chicago while in town from St. Louis for Hannah’s six month photography session.


Gotta get one of Grandma!

Chicago newborn baby photo shoot – little Fiona and mother Maria

This past Christmas, Maria delivered her first child. Where Maria’s skin is olive and hair a dark, raven brown, Fiona has big blue eyes, and there’s a tinge of red in her fair hair. Still, they make the prettiest mom-daughter combination, bringing smiles every where they go, even in their infant car seat.



Chicago Newborn and family portrait session

Baby photography by Maggie Rife Ponce. Rife Ponce Photography. Natural light. Baby photography by Maggie Rife Ponce. Rife Ponce Photography. Natural light.