Playtime with the Browns

I met the Brown’s last year when Rachel asked me to photograph the family for the first time.  I was delighted when she emailed to schedule another session this year.  We met at the Sheridan Shore Yacht Club on a perfect late summer day.

Rachel has amazing taste and had Oliver and Julianne perfectly and appropriately styled with boat shoes, cream sweaters, and the most adorable haircuts.

It was so much fun to see and hang with the family again.  We explored the area, looked for spiders, jumped from trees, and literally ran in circles.









Fun Family Photos

Sometimes you have to let boys be boys.  With three in the Trowbridge family, Christine and Zach opted to let theirs run loose, encouraging their playful, rambunctious behavior. I love shooting fun family photos for the chance to channel my inner kid. We jumped, we rolled, we tossed leaves, we spun, we collapsed.  It was the best!  











My kind of family photo shoot

When the Dvoraks said they wanted pictures of the kids playing rather than traditional posed portraits, they were speaking my language!  I love candid family photography–capturing those real smiles that come from amusement and joy rather than me telling them to say “cheese.”

We had a ball hanging out in their front yard for an hour, letting the kids play tag and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather.  It was a perfect, relaxing Sunday morning shoot for us all.









Sunny Fall Family Shoot with the Fontanas

In 2011, I had the honor of photographing Kate and Tj’s wedding in downtown Chicago. Since then, a lot has happened for this couple–the biggest life change, the birth of their son, Luke, who turned one this past month.

On a sunny October Sunday morning, we strolled through the prairie of Winnemac Park, a perfect setting for Chicago fall family photos. Luke was all smiles throughout the shoot, a happy baby with an easy going spirit–not a surprise considering his two wonderful parents. If you are in boston and need a photographer click here: boston wedding photographers.

Fall family photos













These kids are such a riot!

I love shooting fall family photos, especially with the Quinns every year! Their kids literally have me cracking up the whole time. They’re so vibrant and fun. It’s basically a chance for me to just be a kid again, playing tag, pretending to fight dragons, or recounting our favorite moments from Puss and Boots and Frozen.

For those interested in booking a family shoot for the upcoming holiday season, I still have openings available, though weekends are booking up fast! Call at 402-304-4057 or email me at to book your fall family photo shoot.











Lifestyle Family Photos with The Sutherlands

The years of wonder, before awareness takes over, before they know what it means to be cool; when all is new and everything is an adventure. They’re full of curiosity and raw emotion. Smiles may turn to frowns in a split second, laughter to sobs. These years, when plans unravel and spontaneity rules, these are my favorite. They’re candid, silly, and wonderful to photograph.

I’ve taken Alex’s picture on three prior occasions, but I loved this last session most of all. He was so active and fun. In his features, now more distinct, I saw his momma’s eyes, and his mannerisms often mimicked his Dad. We spent nearly an hour together, letting Alex run the show. Directions were futile, instead we just played, and let Alex be Alex.

To find out more about a lifestyle family photos, please contact me at or 402-304-4057.








Happy Birthday Michael!

Michael Jr.’s One Year Photos

A year ago, dear friends Kimi and Michael Ponzio welcomed home their first son, Michael Jr.  This August, they not only celebrate his 12 months of life, but also their new son or daughter, who is now 12 weeks.

Michael Jr. charmed the socks off me.  I can only imagine how wonderful their newest addition will be. Please come soon, February. Congrats Kimi and Mike!
one year photos

one year photosone year photos


Gentle Newborn Photography Session // Sweet Madison

When Andreea was still pregnant, I had the chance to take some pictures of her adorable bump and can’t-stop-smiling face.  It was a joy to capture this experience for Drea. I hope she’ll be able to look back at the pictures in 10, 20, and 30 years at what was to come.

Less than a month ago, Madison was born. A perfect little girl with a rosy mouth and her mother’s delicate features. Andreea and her darling husband Joe came by the studio for her newborn photo session. She was a delight to meet and I couldn’t get enough of her cuteness!









Fall Family Pictures at Winnemac Park

Chicago family photos at Winnemac Park with one adorable baby.

Fall is the perfect time of year for family pictures.  The cool, dry weather makes the fall colors even more vibrant!  If you’re thinking of a a 2014 holiday card, this is a great time to come in to capture timeless keepsakes of your family. Before the shoot, I like to chat a bit on the phone to brainstorm ideas and go over details for the shoot. I love location scouting, so whether you’d like an urban or nature setting, we’ll find the just the place for you!

As for this family below, I can’t get over Thorah.  She’s just the cutest and most smiley baby I have ever photographed. Congratulations to James and Katie for creating this adorable nugget!


family holiday photography

family holiday photography
family holiday photography family holiday photography












family holiday photographyChicago-family-photography-_0009