Embracing the silliness

November 21, 2017 Family 0 Comments

The Brown’s are back for more! 2017 Holiday Family Portraits

I’ve had the joy of photographing the Brown’s on two other occasions.  For their latest holiday family portraits, we ran into some difficult weather, so opted to do this year’s Christmas card at the studio and beneath the train tracks outside.

The Brown’s are the nicest–their boys are so much fun and had me cracking up the whole time.  I love that Rachel and Carl embraced their silliness!

holiday family portraits holiday family portraits holiday family portraits holiday family portraits holiday family portraits holiday family portraits holiday family portraits holiday family portraits holiday family portraits holiday family portraitsStill

Northerly Island Family Session

October 3, 2017 Family 0 Comments

When it comes to Family Photos in Chicago, location is key!

I’ve had the pleasure of taking family pictures for the Trowbridges for the past few years. Christine is a big believe in scheduling family photos each year rather than buying the school pictures of the boys. In the past we’ve taken pictures in Lincoln Park and at my studio, but this year she wanted a spot that had both nature and skyline.

We decided on Burnham Park, but when the day arrived, unseasonably hot temperatures meant evvvvveryone in the city had the same idea of heading to the beach.  Every single parking spot within blocks of the park was taken, so we called an audible and headed toward Northerly Island.  It turned out to be a great change of plans.  The island was virtually empty. The light was dreamy that afternoon and the rocky shores along the lake made for a fun landscape for the boys to explore. If you’re considering a location for your family photos, put this spot on the list of options. I promise you won’t regret it!

Interested in booking taking family photos in Chicago?  I have a few slots still available for this fall. Call 402-304-4057 or email me at maggie@rifeponcephotography.com for scheduling.



An afternoon at Foster Ave Beach with the Tanners

September 21, 2017 Family 0 Comments

A perfect late summer afternoon for a relaxed family photography session

I’ve doing family photography for the Tanner’s throughout the past three years, from the birth of their first son Noland to this most recent session which included their second little love, Miles.

I love seeing them each time, especially because at this point we feel like old friends, me even carrying Noland, talking about magical lions hiding in the lighthouse while Lisa pushes the stroller with my camera bag and Weston soothes Miles. All the ease and all the comfort of a session like this is more than I could hope for in my work. I’m a lucky lady.

family photos


family photos




family photography










Three’s a crowd? Not when you’re boys are this adorable.

September 6, 2017 Family 0 Comments

Candid, in-home newborn photos with the Ponzios

I’ve decided Kimi and Michael can’t stop having babies.  I mean it.  Really. They can’t.  I mean, look at these boys in this unscripted, joint in home newborn photos and family photo shoot. They owe it to the world to keep making these beautiful, darling, charming children. They’re three boys are absolutely irresistible. If they aren’t careful, next time I see them they might be missing one of their little guys.

I gotta also give them a big slow clap for officially having three boys under three.  I don’t know how they’re surviving, but wow, they doing an amazing job.

Meet their newest addition, little Ben Ponzio.  Cute as can be with the temperament of a third (meaning he takes his big brother’s jostles and tumbles in stride).








Twinning in the best way…

August 25, 2017 Family 0 Comments

Family Photos at Lincoln Park Nature Walk

I can’t handle this family–they’re so photogenic.  I had the pleasure of snapping family photos for them while they visited Chicago from Brooklyn.  Their kiddos are just a bit younger than my son Theo, but they make two look easier than my one. Maybe it’s their totally chill demeanor, but this family is doing incredible–not to mention their killin’ it on the fashion front (love Amy’s scarf and Justin’s army green pants.)

If you’re interested in a family session, I’m currently booking sessions for end of summer and the fall.  Call 402-304-4057 or email maggie@rifeponcephotography.com to inquire. To see more family sessions, click here.























Oh what fun – Norah’s smash cake photos

June 28, 2017 Babies, Family, Kids 0 Comments

Little Norah gets messy.  Smash cake photos celebrate her first birthday.

To honor little Norah turning one, her parents planned an afternoon of delight. Gold balloons, party favors, and smash cake photos. Was I jealous?   Uh, yeah, a little bit.

Do you have a little one with a milestone coming up? Contact me today to book a family photo shoot or check out more pictures here and here.


smash cake photos

smash cake photos

For more family photos, take a peek at this family photo gallery and this recent newborn photography session.

Cozy Family Photos at The Landing in Kansas City

December 20, 2016 Family 1 Comment

Snuggly Family Photos on a freezing winter day at The Landing

The mother of this beautiful family below is one of my dearest friends.  We were roommates in college and have stayed close since with annual “Missouri girl’s trips” over the years.

Shannon is one of those people with what seems to be endless energy and ability.  The minute, no no, the second she picked me from the airport for this most recent trip, we were off talking a mile a minute with no pause in between topics till three days later when I had to say goodbye.  She’s like the energizer bunny, she just keeps going and going, until she suddenly stops, puts her earplugs in, and promptly falls asleep for exactly seven hours.  The next morning she jumps out of bed and immediately starts tackling her to do list.  Seriously!  I can’t tell you how many girls trips we’ve had where we’re all still rubbing the sleep from our eyes and Shannon’s been on the phone making plans and figuring out complex concepts an hour or more.

The tall drink of water in these pictures is Shannon’s husband Vladmir. I can’t imagine a better match for her. He’s as passionate about soccer as Shannon is about growth and learning. It was to play soccer in college that originally brought him to the states from Belgrade, Serbia.  He now owns the fastest growing soccer club, Puma F. C. in the Kansas City area. If it’s not obvious from the pictures, he’s an amazing Dad, thoughtfully (and adoringly) helping to raise their two lovely daughters.





What’s cuter than a smiling baby wearing plaid and suspenders?

December 20, 2016 Family 0 Comments

Fall Holiday Family Photos in Fulton Market

Come on, could Noah be  any more charming in those suspenders?

These sweet moments took place just outside Sonya and Neils condo in downtown Chicago’s Fulton Market neighborhood.  Noah was all smiles as he dashed this way and that around the sweet little hidden park behind Carnival restaurant. There were some beautiful evergreens in the area, so his parent scooped him up and we quickly snapped a few pictures before he was off again to explore.

My favorite moment happened just at the end of the session in front of the iconic black and white striped wall outside carnival.  Noah was so full of delight, he could hardly contain himself, with a huge grin he danced back and forth between his parents.



Quinns 2016 Fall Family Photos

November 30, 2016 Family 0 Comments

It’s been wonderful to watch the Quinn’s family grow over the last few years. This year’s family shoot included an new addition, little cutiepie Danny. What a sweetie.  As the youngest of four, he’s naturally a go-with-the-flow kiddo, enjoying his siblings silly behavior. I can’t wait for next year!







Morning at the Farmer’s Market with the Ponzio’s

October 27, 2016 Family 0 Comments

Day-in-the-life Family Photo Session at the Green City Market with the Ponzio’s

For their family photo session this year, the Ponzio’s wanted to do something a little different than the classic park pictures.  A professional chef, Michael Sr. used to shop for ingredients at the Green City Market each week for fresh, local options to flavor his recipes, so when he heard Kimi and I planned to meet in Lincoln Park, he asked if we could stop there afterwards.

I loved the idea, so after snapping some fun candids of the kids at play, we walked down to the stalls and took in the sights and smells.  It was so cute to see the boys examining the offerings.  When we spotted a carnitas stand, we all agreed we had to stop. Yummm!  It was definitely the best carnitas taco I’ve ever had, stuffed full of marinated pork, topped with shredded cabbage and drizzled with crema. My mouth is watering right now just remembering the flavor.

Kimi found her favorite fall arrangements–pumpkin tree bunches  (yes, there is such a thing), Oliver went on sale for a minute for $5 dollars, before being snatched up quickly by his devoted father, and little Michael showed his strength, lifting butternut squash like a dumb bell. It was a perfect morning making new memories and enjoying our beautiful Fall.

This cutie pie…can’t get enough of those cheeks.



Love an affectionate Dad.




Chef in training.



Ordering carnitas!  Yummmm!!! Soooo tasty 🙂



Little Michael, determined to move this trailer.